Monday, January 31, 2011

Psoriasis and Siddha medicine

Whether psoriasis curable with Siddha treatment?

Yes. Psoriasis is known as “Kalanjagapadai” in Siddha and it is characterized by Induration, Erythema and Scaling. Auto immunity also plays a major role in this disease as per modern medicine. Many medicines are found to be effective for this disease in Siddha and take minimum 3-4 months of treatment for cure but they have to stick upon diet restriction always to prevent further episode, these restriction are so simple for the persons who wants to get rid of the problem for ever. Patients are advised to take precautions as per “kala ozhukkam “- seasonal restrictions especially in the months of winter. Here are some photos to show the effectiveness of Siddha medicines. Psoriatic arthritis also a bigger problem which needs a special care for months together. There is no permanent cure for any disease in the world from any medical system. The same dictum will applicable for psoriasis also but can postponed next episode for years if they are supposed to follow Siddha advises and drugs.


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